About TrueTL Indicators

The original leader trading indicators for Metatrader 4 and Metatrader 5 that draw trendlines, support/resistance levels and divergences since 2011.

Why is it worth using trendline, S/R level and divergence? Because these are traditional tools, not "noname" indicators or fake promises. The professional traders who are moving a lot of money - on behalf of institutions - have been using these tools for a long time.

Common features


Non-repainting and Traditional indicators only

We never make repainting indicators that trick the users. Our indicators are only non-repainting and traditional tools that are still used by professional traders. More info...


Customizable alert functions

Our indicators can alert via popup, email, push (for mobile versions of Metatrader), sound, pictogram, csv file for many actions. The alert works with Your own drawn lines also. Please note that our indicator must be run continuously on Your computer as every indicator on Metatrader. You should use Metatrader on a VPS server if it's a problem.


PC and MAC compatibility

Basically the Metatrader is runs under Windows on PC. For other solution please check DETAILED INSTALL INSTRUCTIONS.


Multi timeframe ability

You can watch indicator values and objects on a higher or lower (new! from version 3.80) timeframe without switching between the chart's time frames. If You would like to see multiple timeframes, You should attach multiple instances of indicators.


Line Chart compatibility

You can use any indicator on the line chart.


Offline chart compatibility

All indicators are compatible with offline charts. You can use them on Renko chart, Bar chart, Tick chart, etc.


Fully Customizable styles

You can configure all oscillators' and drawed lines' properties (oscillator colors depending on level crossing or directions, width, style, etc.)

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Customer reviews

Most of our customers are returning customers. This fact is the most realistic feedback to us that our products are usable and the developments are moving in the right way. But like serious traders don’t as well, most of our clients don't "live" on forex forums, blog comments, etc. They are focusing only on trading, but nonetheless sometimes we receive reviews in email. Here are some excerpts from those:

"I love the indicator guys. Thank you all for your great accomplisments to the FX trading community."

"I wanted to let you know that I greatly appreciate that you sent us the updates of TrueTL. I love having an indicator that accurately and automatically draws trendlines. I especially appreciate the Divergence indicators you've included, since divergence is a big part of my trading strategy."

"Stochastic divergence is the best indi yet!!"

"First of all I would like to just tell you how much i LOVE your indicators! I have traded divergence for some time, but I always found it to be quite stressfull to allways be looking after those divergences. So thank you again for making my trading easier!"

"I tried many robots and indicators before, but in the end I never won. I know I have to learn a lot but your site and indys will help me."

"Dear friends, congratulations for your work, it's very usefull for me."

"Your TL indicator is really cool"

"Hello, congratulations for your web and thanks for the indicators."

"Please keep up your outstanding works and developments. Thanks for all, I'm looking forward the upcoming products."

Risk warning

Foreign exchange transactions carry a high degree of risk and any transaction involving currencies is exposed to, among other things, changes in a country's political condition, economic climate, acts of nature - all of which may substantially affect the price or availability of a given currency.

Speculative trading in the foreign exchange market is a challenging prospect with above average risk. You must therefore carefully consider your investment objectives, level of experience and appetite for such risk prior to entering this market. Most importantly, do not invest money that you are not in a position to lose.

In addition, trading on a margin basis means that any market movement will have a proportionate effect on your deposited funds. This can work for you as well as against you. The possibility exists that you could sustain a total loss of initial margin funds.

Risk Warning