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New Strategic Partner: Globe Gain


Minimize your spread or commisson with a leading rebate service! Globe Gain is an international Forex rebate service which represents over 20 reliable brokers operating under the rigid control of the world-famous regulating authorities (such as FSA, CySec, ASIC, Bafin). What is a Forex rebate? It is a certain part of the broker spread/commission returned back to clients. In normal case your broker earns 100% of your original spread/commisson but with this service you can get cashback on each of your trades without any mark-up or other hidden costs.

How to cashback from your spread and commission with Globe Gain
How to cashback from your spread and commission with Globe Gain

Advantages Of Globe Gain:

  • Your spread and trading conditions are not changed. You will get back a part of broker spread/commission.
  • Only regulated brokers (like via FSA, CySEC, ASIC, CFTC, NFA, BaFin).
  • With Forex rebates you get an opportunity to reduce your trading costs or to make more profit on your trades.
  • Rebates are paid both on losing and winning trades.
  • Services of Globe Gain are absolutely free for clients, you don't have to pay Globe Gain anything for registration and services.
  • Great privacy and safety of clients’ personal data - SSL protocol implemented.
  • A wide range of payment methods: Bank wire, Credit/debit cards, PayPal, Skrill, WebMoney
Globe Gain Brokers


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TrueTL 1.83 is Released!


The two new features are based on many customer's requests:

  • Improved alert functions: New alert function in the main trendline indicator (coming soon in addon indicators): from now, you can set an alert when the indicator is redrawing the trendlines, and their positions are changing. Furthermore, the alert message contains the type of alerted trendlines. For example, you will know if a broken trendline is a Normal / Long / 3Touch / Narrow trendline.
  • Line Chart compatibility: The Metatrader has three chart mode: Bar chart, Candlesticks, and Line Chart. Until now TrueTL worked with the first two, but from now it can draw the trendlines on the Metatrader's Line Chart.

You can find the complete changelog on the UPDATE page.

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TrueTL 1.82 is Released! - Stochastic Trendline and Divergence


We are proud to announce these awaited new addon indicators:

  • Stochastic Trendline (with MTF and alert ability)
  • Stochastic Divergence (with alert ability)

These indicators are similar like RSI-CCI Trendline and Divergence, but with Stochastic. Go to Indicators...

You can find the complete changelog on the UPDATE page.

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TrueTL 1.81 is Released!


We made a minor optimization and compiled our indicators to 445 build MT4. The only new feature is a small notification icon. From now, the alert messages (license expire soon, update released, etc.) will not reserve huge place on the chart, It only shows a small icon. If you move over the mouse pointer you can read the message.

Some major plan (that we are working on) for the future:

  • S/R level function for all indicators
  • More trendline drawing algorithm
  • Trend direction indicator (based on accurate peak/bottom detection)
  • Stochastic, MACD, and other trendline and divergence indicator
  • Backtest ability for all indicators, multi timeframe ability for divergence indicators (as the main True Trendline Indicator has)
  • Improve server communication and redundancy
  • Extend our EXAMPLE page to a compact and informative site, where the beginners can read about useful and basically required things (money management, candle patterns, S/R levels and other basic tools, entry filtering methods, psychology), not about the dead end.
  • And many other things based on our and the client's ideas.

Stay tuned with our newsletter or with our social network pages. We wish you a Happy and Successful New Year!

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New Version of Free Indicators


New version of free indicators are released.

More info and download...

Stepless and colored multi timeframe indicators
Stepless and colored multi timeframe indicators

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Risk warning

Foreign exchange transactions carry a high degree of risk and any transaction involving currencies is exposed to, among other things, changes in a country's political condition, economic climate, acts of nature - all of which may substantially affect the price or availability of a given currency.

Speculative trading in the foreign exchange market is a challenging prospect with above average risk. You must therefore carefully consider your investment objectives, level of experience and appetite for such risk prior to entering this market. Most importantly, do not invest money that you are not in a position to lose.

In addition, trading on a margin basis means that any market movement will have a proportionate effect on your deposited funds. This can work for you as well as against you. The possibility exists that you could sustain a total loss of initial margin funds.

Risk Warning